In the Limelight !

Team TKCI performs 19 cornea transplants across the network in a day! The team supported by Ramayamma International Eye Bank (RIEB) performed 19 corneal transplants representing the entire range and complexity of cornea transplant surgeries ie.. lamellar, optical and therapeutic keratoplasties!
Dr. Somasheila Murthy performed a corneal transplant surgery on 14 June 2016 at Bhosle Gopal Rao Patil Eye Centre, Mudhole, Telangana - the second of LVPEI’s 15 secondary centres to become equipped to perform cornea transplants.
Dr. Jagadesh Reddy performed lamellar cornea transplant surgery DSEK at Swarna Bharat Eye Centre, Nellore, the third LVPEI centre to become cornea competent. Read more
“Out to Conquer the World”
After 2 years of a gruelling Cornea fellowship, our first batch of TKCI fellows completed their fellowship on June 30. Amazingly these 6 wonderful people will spread their knowledge and goodwill across 4 continents!
Shilpa Das (Bangalore), Swapna Shanbhag (Boston, MA), Agustina Borrone (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Lavanya EY (Khammam, Telangana), Sasya Ravuri (Sydney, Australia), Ritin Goyal (New Delhi)

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