Dr Edward Guizie Plans to Bring Cornea Services to Liberia

Dr Edward Guizie hailing from Liberia completed a 6 months long fellowship at LVPEI on 30 June 20.16. He has been a practicing ophthalmologist since 1989. Having completed hisalmology residency from Israel, he went back to his homeland to serve the needy there. Dr G N Rao, during his visit to Liberia identified Edward for fellowship training in LVPEI to enable him to upgrade his clinical and surgical skills.

Dr Edward is one of the only three practicing ophthalmologist in Liberia. He is now excited and geared up to put the knowledge he has gained specially for corneal related problems in Liberia. He especially wants to replicate the pyramid model of eye care delivery and start Eye Banks in Liberia.

The way forward

Setting up quality infrastructure to provide clinical services: The clinical infrastructure for eye care services at the John F Kennedy Memorial Medical Centre, currently is not equipped to handle the large volume of cases. LVPEI is playing a major role in setting up the needed infrastructure at the centre.

Replicating the LVPEI pyramid of eye care service delivery Model: As part of this model community needs determine the development of centres at all levels, especially at the secondary and primary levels. The vision centres bring the services within the reach of the communities that otherwise are beyond the scope of most health care services.

Opening of an eye bank: Currently there is no Eye Bank in Liberia and there is an urgent need to establish one. “One of my key action points is to establish a full-fledged Eye Bank in my country by seeking necessary permissions and approval from the President and the Senate” says Dr Edward.

Creating a workforce of trained eye care professionals (across all cadres): The country is currently facing a severe crunch of skilled eye care professionals. Optometrist and other cadres of eye care practitioners are not there. There are plans to start a residency + fellowship program in Ophthalmology and Optometry. Also exchange programs wherein professionals from their country will come to LVPEI and professionals from here will go to Liberia for cross learning are also under discussion.

When we shared with Dr Edward TKCI’s new initiative - ECHO Clinic (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes), he indeed was excited. Through this innovative continuing education model it will be easy for them to seek advice on the difficult cases that they face through a video conferencing web platform.

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